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For over a decade, Franklin Middle School students have supported kids with cancer at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital through dance marathon. Our past fourteen dances have raised over $75,000.

The Franklin dance marathon started years ago with an eighth grade language arts class writing pen pal letters to a sick child. It then ballooned into a mini dance marathon complete with pizza and bake sales in the hopes of helping more children. The funds we raise provide for free summer camps, an annual Adventureland trip, crafts and activities at the children’s hospital, improved facilities, wigs, holiday gifts, family assistance, and more.

Support Dance Marathon

Participate in the money mash

This coin battle between Advisory rooms will have your student scrounging through the couch cushions for change! It is a math lesson on positive and negative numbers, as all coins count positively. Paper money and checks count as negatives to lower the totals of your opponents. Grade level winners will receive some small prizes each week of the competition.

Be a spirit dancer

Spirit dancers raise $25 or more and turn that money into the main office, and receive free admission to the dance, a free slice of pizza, drink, and a chance to throw a pie in a staff member’s face. Students turning in spirit dancer forms early will receive a treat bag, and each week a lucky spirit dancer will win a prize. Our top three fundraisers will throw a pie in a staff member’s face.

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