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Franklin offers 7th and 8th grade Girls and Boys basketball teams.  The top priority of Franklin students is to perform well academically before participating in sports/clubs. It is essential for coaches to reinforce how important it is for athletes to maintain good academics, attitude, character, and discipline. Every Franklin athlete should come to school with the attitude of doing his/her best. We encourage parents, coaches, and students to communicate with one another. 

Girls Basketball

7th Grade Head Coach: Katrina Burke

8th Grade Head Coach: Jacob Ciabatti


Boys Basketball

7th Grade Head Coach: Jacob Ciabatti and Ben Ethier and

8th Grade Head Coach: Scott Brune 


Franklin 7th girls bb 1623 1
Franklin 7th boys bb 1257 1 1
Franklin 8th girls bb 1620 1
Franklin 8th boys bb 1262 1